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Essential life lessons from my 5-year-old


When I found out I would be a mom, I thought I was ready for what was to come. I had been preparing personally and professionally to navigate motherhood, to teach my daughter how to be a good person. Little did I know that it would be me who’d be learning essential life lessons from a 5-year-old.


A little background

If you’re a mom or a dad, you probably think your kid is the most remarkable being in the world. Well, I have to say I’m no different! That girl is the center of my universe, my purpose, the owner of my heart.

I’m so proud of all the things she does. My husband and I have worked so hard to make her a kind, friendly, intelligent little kid. She inherited some of my promising talents, such as dancing and sparking friendships wherever she goes. Her funny and spunky temperament is 100% her dad. 

Fun fact: the day she requested David Bowie’s Rebel Rebel all on her own we knew we were doing something right. 


Balancing act

I have to admit, while it’s been a challenge, one of the most fulfilling things I strive to achieve is work-life balance. Funny enough, it’s been my daughter who’s paved the way for our family.

If you know me, you know I’m pragmatic and try always to uncomplicate things – I’m a producer, after all! In doing so, I sometimes skip the little things that life brings every day so I can save a few minutes here and there. But my daughter has taught me that life IS in those small moments. 


Here are the five life lessons I’ve learned from my 5-year old:


Life lesson #1: Cry when you hurt


When you’re a little kid, if you fall, you say OUCH! As adults, we’re so used to tough it up, shove our emotions, and move on. 

What happens is that when you don’t address what hurts at the moment, it just builds up. My girl has taught me to own my pain, to feel sad or hurt right then and there. It’s incredible how much faster you get over your problems once you allow yourself to feel.


Life lesson #2: Hug and love intensely


My favorite moment of the day is when I pick her up from school. She runs towards me, jumps, and hugs me with the biggest smile, and says, ‘mom, I had so much fun today!’ 

She doesn’t even know it, but that’s gratefulness. She’s just so happy to have had yet another fun day at school. I want to live my life just like that, thankful to have a fulfilling life to live.


Life lesson #3: Enjoy nature


This is a big one! I wasn’t the kind to be out there. It’s not that I didn’t like sitting outside, but I favored being indoors in a cool air-conditioned room. 

One random afternoon, I saw her stand up, get her Unicorn themed towel, lay it in the yard, and enjoy the sun. That day I realized how much I was missing out.

Ever since I’ve made the point to eat my lunch or snacks out on my terrace (no phone is allowed). It’s amazing how calm and peaceful I feel only after a few minutes. It’s the reset button I never knew how to use.


Life lesson #4: Sleep when you’re tired


It never fails. We spend a lovely day out in the sun, having fun, and on the ride back home, the kid falls asleep within minutes. She doesn’t ask; she doesn’t make a big deal about it; she closes her eyes and sleeps.

I’m an entrepreneur, and when you own a business, work never stops. I feel immense pressure to be always ON. But I’ve learned that sometimes I’m just tired – and that’s ok. I now allow myself to take a power nap when I need to, a recharge that fuels the rest of my day. Also: to care for others, I need to care for myself first.


Life lesson #5: Be your blunt self


Last but not least. My daughter is a brave little person, always embracing her qualities no matter the situation. For instance, sometimes we go to the park, she introduces herself to the other kids, but they ignore her. However, she doesn’t let rejection get in the way of having a good time. It just wasn’t a good time to play—end of story.

When it comes to relationships, I can tend to be a bit harsh on myself. But I’ve learned that I am who I am, and that’s all that matters. Sometimes things are not going to be as I envisioned with others. However, if it’s not meant to be, I’m not going to push for it. I’ve learned that over time, being authentic and having strong moral values is what’s attracts lasting friendships.

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