A good pitch presentation starts with a story!

With the Ok Yes Storytelling Tool© you’ll crush your next pitch presentation. Create a story outline that goes from plain bullet points and features to a memorable pitch that attracts and converts. Finally, a straightforward way to come up with a narrative for your B2C solution!


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Create a pitch presentation with the Ok Yes Storytelling Tool
A female founder working on her startup pitch presentation

Flush out a story centered around your user’s problem with the Ok Yes Storytelling Tool:

• Understand your user’s motivations


• Sketch out the world around the user


• Explain how your solution fixes the problem

Overcome writer’s block now!

Create your pitch presentation story with these Ok Yes services

Script Crunching


Once you fill out the Ok Yes Storytelling Tool©, send your answers to our copywriters. They will take your story and turn it into a viable narrative for your pitch presentation.




Don’t sweat it if you’re unclear where to start with your marketing content! Book a 45-minute session via Zoom with Ok Yes’ founder and marketing video expert Alejandra Copeland.


+ Script

$700 $550

Bundle up and save! Start by planning your marketing content message with Alejandra. Then one of our copywriters will create a narrative for your solution, reviewed by Alejandra.

Alejandra Copeland is the founder of Ok, Yes!

Meet Alejandra!

Let’s get the ball rolling! Unlock a one-off, 10-minute call with Alejandra to introduce yourself and see how working with Ok Yes is a good fit for you and your business.

A simple way to work on your story

As an entrepreneur, wearing multiple hats means you’re the one coming up with creative ideas. But with time and attention in high demand, storytelling can lead to writer’s block. If you need an easy-to-follow, step-by-step guide to creating the best pitch for your startup, Ok Yes was built just for you.

A simple way to work on your startup pitch