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Street art: Top 10 Instagram accounts to follow

I’ve had the luck to be surrounded by incredible street art. I lived in New York City for six years, circa 2006, right around the time Kidrobot and the vinyl toy revolution were blossoming. I remember wrapping my editing gigs near Time Square around 6 pm and darting to their gallery openings in Soho to hang out with all these up-and-coming artists. It was FABULOUS.

Many of these muralists leading the vinyl toy movement went on to have very prolific careers in the art world. I love to see how ten years later, many of them have landed big deals with big brands and taken their creativity to the next level. I’m proud to say I had the chance to get my hands on some of those coveted vinyl collectibles.

Kaws Original Fake Vinyl Toys
Two of my KAWS Original Fake Dissected vinyl toys


Moving to Miami’s Street Art Mecca

A few years later, my husband and I left NY for Miami, where we opened up shop for our Video Production Agency, Andromeda. It was 2013, and we were right in the heart of Wynwood, where street art and entrepreneurship intersected most magically. Right outside our steps, there was the ever-present spray paint smell of artists hard at work.

That was right around the time the Art Basel scene was also booming in Miami, and Wynwood was just a bunch of old warehouses hosting the world’s most prominent outdoor street art museum. Seeing Jeffrey Deitch himself carefully curate Wynwood Walls was something I’ll never forget.

Hanging out in Wynwood


Our neighbors in the Wynwood building were other startup founders, and we formed a little family. We would have the best throwdowns right on the sidewalk, grilling and drinking and taking in all that art that surrounded us.


My Favorite 10 street art Instagram accounts

So, for this South Florida Entrepreneur Club ’10×10 Writing Challenge,’ I’m going to get a tad nostalgic with this list of my favorite street artists. Even though my OK, Yes! IG feed is full of startup, storytelling, and entrepreneurship content, it’s always great to have a splash of color to fuel my creativity and inspiration.


Brian Donnelly
USA / Brooklyn


Os Gemeos


Andrew Antonaccio
USA / Miami






Tristan Eaton


Sheryo & Yok


Felipe Pantone


Alex Brewer


Michael Reeder

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