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Are you stuck with your pitch?

February 27th


If you’re a startup founder struggling to refine your startup pitch, then you need to work on your Storytelling!
Beyond cold bullet points, think about how your solution transforms your user. That’s how you create a relatable pitch that gets attention. I can help you create a narrative that makes sense!

This is a free online event hosted by Alejandra Copeland.

    A female founder working on her startup pitch presentation

    We’ll talk about how to storyboard a pitch centered around your user’s problem:

    • Understanding your user’s motivations


    • Sketching out the world around the user


    • Explaining how your solution fits within your user’s world

    About Alejandra


    Hello, I’m Alejandra Copeland, founder of Ok, Yes!


    Throughout my career I’ve produced trailers for TV shows, pitches + case studies for large corporations and digital campaigns for tech companies. By leveraging my 20 years of experience creating high-stakes marketing content, my mission is to help startups get their PITCH together.


    Applying my storyboarding method, I’ve successfully helped entrepreneurs overcome a dull pitch presentation. As a result, founders can plot an attractive story that helps them become one with their pitch.

      Image for Storytelling for Startups webinar by Alejandra Copeland