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Infomercial secrets to crush your sales pitch


Are you ready to dive into these infomercial secrets?

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Introducing… the infomercial! 😎

If you CRINGED when you heard the word infomercial, I’m with you; most infomercials on TV are old-school and corny.

But when it comes to creating content, this popular advertising format hides a fool-proof sales formula perfect for any sales pitch.

To this day, infomercials are among the most effective way to advertise and sell products on Television.

So, let’s bring the best parts of it out of the TV set and into your everyday sales pitch!

What makes infomercials catchy is the use of storytelling. That’s why an infomercial’s secret sauce is making you, the viewer, the center of it all. You are the protagonist, your pains are clearly shown, and your problem is about to get fixed. That’s how they get you every time!

Although infomercials seem to always promote products that have wide appeal, that’s not the case at all! Sometimes infomercials allow us to discover problems we didn’t even know we had. That’s what the power of empathy does for a sales pitch.

Another cool thing about infomercials is how they show the before and after. The way the put side by side the problem and the solution is an effective way to show the transformation and benefits a product brings to you.



Here are three infomercials secrets that work and why your sales pitch must sound like one


Number one: The Problem

A good infomercial is all about a real concern a person has.

That’s why they always start with a person bending in back pain or a super theatrical and exaggerated reenactment of failure.

The trick is to get the viewer to see the problem as their own. That’s how you get their attention.


Number two: The Silver Bullet

An infomercial shows the viewer a hands-on demo of how the product magically solves that problem. The viewer needs to imagine how they would use the product.

After showing the viewer all the bells and whistles, there’s always a real testimonial to vouch for results.


Number three: The Call-To-Action

An effective infomercial always ends with an irresistible offer and an easy way to get the product. It even has those “but wait, there’s more!” upsells that sweeten the deal.

It’s that ‘now or never’ tone that causes the viewer to get their credit card out. In their minds, it would be a HUGE loss to pass on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Bottom line, a persuasive pitch revolves around a single problem, spells out how the product is used to solve that problem, and presents an urgent and irresistible offer to buy the product.

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