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Cut through the noise with a scroll-stopping message with the Ok Yes Storytelling Method. 


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Happy clients say…



As a Founder of a new concept, I struggled with telling the right story for our pre-launch marketing campaign. Ok Yes played a vital role in helping me come up with a story that is impactful and truly resonates with Saivy’s target audience. I highly recommend Ok Yes for anyone needing help with storytelling.


-Daleik V.



A person who can twist your ideas with a couple of questions so you can win a pitch competition… that’s Alejandra from Ok Yes. I was (still am) amazed by how Alejandra could connect with my ideas and change my entire presentation during my mentoring session. She gave me the focus to win my first pitch competition. Thank you, Ale, for being there… because if there is something I won that day beyond the prize, it was confidence in myself and my project.


-Ana Q.



It was an amazing experience working with Alejandra. She knows how to get the information out of your brain and express it clearly. She was an enormous help with my pitch, and I can’t wait to see where this will take me and my business! Forever grateful!


-Xenia M.



I thought my pitch deck was the same one I had to use during my presentation with investors and during pitch competitions. However I found out through Ok Yes! That simple is better, and that truly less and more! After amazing feedback and coaching, I was able to win my first pitch competition at Pitch Night MIA! Truly thankful for Ok Yes and all those who supported me throughout the journey!! More to come and more pitches to compete in.


-Giovanni E.



Ok Yes truly came through from me. Alejandra was instantly instrumental and magical in making my company pitch come alive. After our session, I felt confident, even more energized, and ready to win my pitch competition. I will be back to reboot for my next pitch competition prep session. A big thank you for everything. Your time is so appreciated. I highly recommend this program to all who want a winning method to deliver your ask. Thank you!


-Shedly C.



Estoy muy complacido de poder trabajar contigo y sentirme apoyado en esta etapa de mi negocio por alguien tan profesional, inteligente y capacitada como tú.


-Ramon A.



Ale is a great pitch coach! She was very personable and encouraging until the end.


-Qiana A.



I had a great experience with Alejandra. She was able to help me find the most important things I needed to share in my pitch and draft my perfect “ask.” She was super responsive and gave me great feedback throughout the process.


-Giannina M.

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Ok Yes Pitch Competition e-book

With the Ok Yes Pitch Competition e-book you’ll crush your next pitch competition.  In this e-book, I’ve condensed insights as a pitch coach.

It’s packed with goodies and tips to get confidence so you can improve and give the presentation of your life.

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A simple way to work on your pitch

As a founder, wearing multiple hats means you’re the one coming up with a creative pitch for your startup. But with time and attention in high demand, storytelling can lead to writer’s block. If you need an easy-to-follow, step-by-step guide to creating the best pitch, Ok Yes was built just for you.