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Top 5 Marketing Video ideas to grow your startup


From pitch to launch, marketing videos are highly effective tools to support your startup’s development. However, depending on your sales or fundraising needs, there’s a specific kind of video to help you achieve your goals. 

Ok, Yes! is all about empowering founders and providing actionable marketing advice. So, for this South Florida Entrepreneur Club 10×10 Writing Challenge, we’ll briefly go over my top 5 marketing videos for startups.


A marketing video for each stage of your growth process

Marketing videos are a great way to provoke interest. But to be effective, you should plan your marketing videos very purposefully.

For instance, producing a SINGLE video to cover all your marketing needs will set you up for a fail! Saying too little or too much too soon are also common marketing video pitfalls. 

So, what’s the right kind of content for you? Let’s dive into my top 5 marketing video styles:


#1 Promotional videos

When it comes to awareness, a solid first impression is vital for successful business relationships. In this case, think of promotional videos as the firm handshake that introduces your business.

Promotional videos briefly showcase your company and the essence of your offerings. Typically lasting 30 to 60 seconds, promotional videos consist of a quick, eye-catching narrative format. 

You can use these for trade show booths and in introductory newsletters. They’re also great for YouTube pre-roll ads, programmatic ads, and content for social media. Moreover, coupled with a well-structured distribution strategy and a boosting budget, promotional videos will make your brand stand out among competitors.


#2 Pitch Video

A pitch video is a great solution when talking to investors or actively fundraising. It includes a product overview, potential markets, and investment opportunities, extending the video to 2-3 minutes. 

Since sales tapes usually include confidential business development information, they are generally presented in 1-on-1 settings or sent by email. However, both promotional videos and sales tapes have the power to keep your company top-of-mind when decision time rolls around.


#3 Explainer Videos

If your client is in the consideration phase of your business development cycle, then an explainer video is the content you need. 

By seamlessly breaking down your product’s workflow and showcasing its benefits, you can easily highlight your value proposition.

Explainer videos are typically two to five minutes long. You can create a variety of product demos, unboxings, and walk-throughs. To make the most out of your marketing video, place it front and center across your website, youtube pages, and atop your amazon store.


#4 Testimonials and Reviews

If your startup has already gained traction, then recount your success stories with a testimonial video. You can assure potential leads by showing how your product worked for other clients.

The thing with testimonials is that they revolve around an essential part of your business – your user. Therefore, reach out to them and ask for a short and authentic review of how the product has helped them go from problem to success.

Showcasing positive reviews is a simple way to put a satisfied customer’s experience front and center. This type of marketing video is a simple yet powerful way to validate your product-market fit in the eyes of investors and other alike.


#5 Case Study

I saved the best for the last! I have to admit a case study is my all-time favorite marketing video. Because you’ll leverage a user-centric journey narrative, this marketing video will take your product to the next level. 

A typical case study focuses on a real success story. It outlines a problem or challenge, its stakes, how your innovation provided a solution, and –drum roll, please– the results. It’s no wonder why case studies are the go-to marketing video to submit for award shows and startup competitions.

A well-built case study exhibits your thought leadership, team, and, most importantly, how your product moves the needle.


Planning and creating engaging video content

When time and budgets are restrictive, it’s imperative to have a good content strategy. Therefore, if you’re unsure of the best video for you, make sure you team up with a knowledgeable video producer or marketing expert. My video production agency, Andromeda, is a go-to for many tech companies and startups.

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